Fall 2017 Western Principal Ready - November 30, 2017

North Carolina Professional Teaching Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership

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Whole Group Session: Mt. Mitchell Room

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NCEES: A Fresh Look

Dr. Kimberly Simmons, NCDPI

Interactive Group Session Resources

Teacher Leadership Through Professional Learning
(Mt. Mitchell Room @ 10:45 a.m.)
Presenter: Doris Sellers, 2017 NC Western Principal of the Year, AC Reynolds High School, Buncombe County Schools
Description: AC Reynolds High School in Asheville, NC is a model for professional learning and teacher leadership. In this session, Western Regional Principal of the Year Doris Sellers, along with ACRHS Instructional Coach, Laura Mayer, shares strategies for building leaders through research-based, teacher-led, job-embedded professional learning. Tools include teacher-led teams, learning walks, demonstrations, and sharing sessions.

Gaining Greater Understanding of the NC Professional Teaching Standards - Standard 1 Deep Dive
(Mt. Roan Room @ 10:45 a.m.)
Presenters: Dr. Lisa M. Amerson and Dr. Karol McNeil-Horton, NCDPI
Description: Participants will gain a greater understanding of the rubric continuum through dialogue and discovery. Aligned to Standard 1, they will analyze elements and descriptors, connect learning with evidences and behaviors, and explore resources to use for coaching and conferencing. Participants will also reflect on practice by setting goals for implementation and next steps.

Coaching for Leadership: Standard 1
(Mt. Mitchell Room @ 1:00 p.m. and repeated @ 2:30 p.m.)
Presenter: Dr. Terry L. Cline, MCDPI
Description: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Standard 1 by focusing on coaching strategies and techniques. They will examine the language of the rubric, analyze coaching protocols and practice coaching strategies used for teacher growth and school improvement. A portion of the session will include guided practice using a coaching protocol, opportunity to identify coaching techniques that work best for them and receive immediate feedback from their colleagues.

Millennials Vs. Gen-Xers: Understanding Generational Diversity
(Mt. Roan Room @ 1:00 p.m.)
Presenter: Dr. Kimberly B. Simmons, NCDPI
Description: How does the millennial generation influence our school culture? Most new teachers in classrooms today are Millennials. They have a different perspective than Gen-Xers and they also have different expectations from school leaders. This session will examine generational diversity within schools and how to capitalize on Millennials and Gen-Xers’ strengths as it relates to N.C. Professional Teaching Standard 1: Teacher Leadership.

Innovative Ways to Integrate the NC Digital Learning Competencies into the NC Professional Teaching Standards (K-12): A Look at Leadership
(Mt. Roan Room @ 2:30 p.m.)
Presenters: Jennifer Northrup and Donna Murray, NCDPI
Description: Join us to explore the connections between the Professional Teaching Standards (PTS) and the Digital Learning Competencies (DLCs). With a focus on Standard 1: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership, we will investigate how the related elements support integration of the DLCs.