NC Support Staff Evaluation Process

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To provide the framework for implementing the support staff evaluation process and validation study

  • Present the North Carolina Support Staff Evaluation Process
  • Develop inter-rater reliability through rating with fidelity
  • Understand activities that may be observed for support staff
  • Plan for crucial conversations with support staff to help them grow professionally

Introduction/Wikicentral/Review Agenda: 15 minutes

Activate Learning - Give One to Get One: 15 minutes


On an index card, write:
  • Name
  • District/Charter
  • Role in your district/charter
  • Your idea about...
    • a trick of the trade
    • a belief about monitoring and evaluating
    • something you spend time doing

  • Share your information with someone in the room.
  • Be prepared to share information about your partner with someone else.
  • Trade cards and find someone to share your partner's information with.
  • When you return to your table, discuss the ideas you heard and enter them into the Wallwisher below.

Support Staff Evaluation Process: 25 minutes

Active Learning: 25 minutes

Directions for activity:

Based on your role/responsibilities, discuss with a partner the types of activities that may be observed to complete the evaluation cycle for the group you are working with in the activity. Have one team member enter the ideas generated by the team into the Google document using the column in the form. Please be prepared to present as a group the different types of activities that your group determined may be observed by an evaluator in 10 minutes.

Validation Study Process: 30 minutes

Validation Process

Validation Process Flow Chart

Planning/Next Steps: 30 minutes

Use the template to plan for the implementation of the support staff evaluation process in your district/charter/school.

Closure/Reflection: 10 minutes

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