Principal READY Standard 2

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Elementary School Video

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Working in Five Groups:
Element IIa
Element IIb
Element IIc
Element IId
Element IIe

Step 1 - Working in your small group, build the poster of
your element by organizing the rating categories, element description,
and descriptors. Evaluate element descriptors to determine the
corresponding ratings in your assigned standard and element
of the Educator Evaluation Rubric. Closely review the
language of the descriptors, match the descriptors to the corresponding
ratings on the poster. After completing the activity, review the rubric in
the Teacher Evaluation Process Manual to check your work.

Step 2 - Working in your small expert group, generate evidences of teacher
behaviors observed in the video clip(s) to support the element and
descriptors. Discuss with your colleagues the notation you assigned to the element based the video observation. Record your evidences on sticky notes and label with
corresponding performance level.

Step 3- Select a team leader to share your expert team's findings and share out with the whole group.
All participants overtly actively show the response card for the performance level selected individually. Teams discuss rationale for the performance level selected. Cite specific evidence of notations on student and teacher behavior that was used to support the performance level selected.

Standard II: Teachers establish a respectful environment for
a diverse population of students
external image th_diversity.jpg

What would students in your school say about teacher attitudes and behaviors as
related to Standard 2 performance expectations?

Discussion Activity:
With a partner, discuss the types of teacher behaviors and student behaviors that
support teacher performance in Standard 2.

Do you see a relationship between the performance of principals/assistant principals
on the School Executive Standards and how that performance may influence the development of teachers along the continuum?

Which standards and elements in the School Executive Evaluation Rubric are highly
correlated with Standard 2 of the Teacher Evaluation Rubric?

Reflect on your evaluation standards and consider your role in enhancing teacher performance with the elements and descriptors in Standard 2.

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