Standard 1

Activity 1:
  • Write at least 2 evidences related to Standard 1 that you have observed in your school building.
  • After discussion, click on the link below to add your evidences to the Google form.
Link to Submit Evidences

Activity 2:
  • Plan a coaching conversation with a teacher in your building.
  • Click on the following link to see question stems in order to start the brain flow; however, feel free to use your own as well.
Standard 1 Reflective Questions
  • Work with a partner to role play and practice your coaching conversation.

Activity 3: (follow-up staff activity)
  • Participants will work in small groups.
  • Each group will focus on one of the elements in standard 1.
  • Match the standard 1 evidences with the corresponding ratings for your assigned element.
  • Rotate to another element group.

Standard 1 Evidences Card Sort
Standard 1 Evidences Response Guide

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