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North Carolina School Psychologists Evaluation Process Training

August / September / October 2013


  • Review the Evaluation Process steps
  • Review the Framework for 21st Century Learning
  • Understand the North Carolina Professional Standards
  • Understand the Evaluation Process for School Psychologists




  • Let's greet our neighbors

  • How to navigate the wiki mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Team Work

  • Review a standard and the elements

  • Identify Key Ideas of the standards and elements

  • Complete a Poster representing the standard

  • Choose a Speaker

  • Group Share

Rubric Activity

  • Self-Assessment Practice

  • Scenario Discussion

  • Artifacts

Reflection Time

Complete the Google Form Reflections

Standard #1 mmmmm

Standard #2 mmmmm

Standard #3 mmmmm

Standard #4 mmmmm

Standard #5 mmm

Friday Institute Survey

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Additional Resources mmmmmmmm

Scenarios for Training mmmmmmmm

School Psychologists Evaluation Process Users Guide
Standard One Scenarios Activity
Professional Growth Plan - Fillable
Standard One Scenarios Answers
Record of Evaluation Activities - Fillable
Standard Two Scenarios Activity
Rubric for Self-Assessment / Evaluation - Fillable
Standard Two Scenarios Answers
Summary Rating Form Optional - Fillable
Standard Three Scenarios Activity
Summary Rating Form Required - Fillable
Standard Three Scenarios Answers
School Psychologist Professional Growth Plan - Example mmmmmm
Standard Four Scenarios Activity

Standard Four Scenarios Answers

Standard Five Scenarios Activity

Standard Five Scenarios Answers