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Whole Group Session

NCEES: A Fresh Look
Dr. Kimberly Simmons, Educator Evaluation Coordinator, NCDPI
Location: Ballroom

Description: How can North Carolina schools establish and sustain observation and feedback practices that increase student learning? NCDPI is committed to improving evaluation impact on teaching, and minimizing the burden on educators. The accuracy of the evaluation process and quality of timely feedback vary widely across districts and within schools. We recognizes the need for more training to accelerate improvements in teaching. Our fresh look will focus on removing the misconceptions using the NCEES and how to impact teaching through the evaluation process. During this session, participants will:
  • Gain clarification around misconceptions of the NCEES process
  • Understand the multi-purpose rubric used in the teacher evaluation
  • Build skills for coaching teachers with a Teacher-Directed Conversation using low inference data
  • Relate the PDP as a road map for teacher growth
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Interactive Breakout Session Resources

n Teacher Leadership Strategies
Mr. Jason Griffin, 2017 NC Wells-Fargo Principal of the Year; Hertford Schools
This session will provide participants a glance into how we empower teacher leaders in our school and how professional development is teacher-centered at Hertford Grammar School.
Note: Mr. Griffin's presentation will be removed from this wiki upon the conclusion of today's activities and reposted December 1, 2017.
Location: Ballroom

n Networking and Roundtable Discussion
Ms. DeAnna Foust-Platt, Regional Education Facilitator
Participants will join in topical conversations with their colleagues. Beginning Teacher Support and Teacher Working Conditions stations will be facilitated by our REF. Other opportunities will be provided to discuss areas of concern and job alike experiences.
Location: Newton

n Coaching Teachers for Standard I
Dr. Frances Harris-Burke, Service Support Coordinator
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Standard 1 by focusing on coaching strategies and techniques. They will examine the language of the rubric, analyze coaching protocols and practice coaching strategies used for teacher growth and school improvement. A portion of the session will include guided practice using a coaching protocol, opportunity to identify coaching techniques that work best for them and receive immediate feedback from their colleagues.
Location: Parlor

n MTSS Implementation
Dr. Amanda Bridges and Dr. Donna Heavner, MS Principal, Newton Conover Schools
Principals will join a school district team as they share techniques and strategies that they use for their MTSS implementation process. Principals will gain an understanding of a district model through this presentation.
Location: Ballroom

n The Middle School Concept is Alive and Well in North Carolina
Chip Cathey, River Bend Middle School, NCMLE President; and Dr. Rosanna Whisnant, Principal, Newton-Conover Middle School
The middle school concept still thrives in North Carolina. In fact, you will find it being implemented in the most successful middle schools in our state. During this session, we will discuss the foundations of the middle school concept, identify structures that must exist in schools to effectively support the middle school concept, and create an informal plan of action for each school in order to help every school in attendance be even more responsive to student needs.
Location: Newton

n Integrate the NC Digital Learning Competencies into the NC Professional Teaching Standards (K-12): A Look at Leadership
Cathy Baum, Digital Teaching and Learning
Join us to explore the connections between the Professional Teaching Standards (PTS) and the Digital Learning Competencies (DLCs). With a focus on Standard 1: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership, we will investigate how the related elements support integration of the DLCs.
Location: Newton

n Supporting Teachers Through Distributive Leadership
Michele Baker, McDowell; Chad Maynor, Alexander; July Jolly, Hickory; Mary Brown, Alexander; Brett Wilson, Burke
Principals will hear from a panel of principals as they share the variety of strategies they use to support teacher leaders and implement distributive leadership. Participants will focus on opportunities for teacher and student growth and improved academic performance.
Location: Ballroom

n Gaining Greater Understanding of the NC Professional Teaching Standards: Standard 1 Deep Dive
Dr. Mandy Taylor, Professional Development Coordinator
Participants will gain a greater understanding of the rubric continuum through dialogue and discovery. Aligned to Standard 1, they will analyze elements and descriptors, connect learning with evidences and behaviors, and explore resources to use for coaching and conferencing. Participants will also reflect on practice by setting goals for implementation and next steps.
Location: Parlor

The evaluation will be posted here at the conclusion of the day. Your CEU certificate will be available upon submission of the evaluation.


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No Kid Hungry

Breakfast: The Foundation for School Success -- NCDPI PRINCIPAL READY • FALL 2017 -- Download regional breakfast participation data

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Active Routes to School

"Active Routes to School helps schools create opportunities for elementary and middle school aged students to increase their daily physical activity by safely walking and biking to or at school."

Active Routes to School Overview
Active Routes to School Region Coordinators

How to Plan a Bike/Walk to School Day and Planning Worksheet

Let's Go NC - free curriculum materials for K-5 about bike and pedestrian safety

Resources for PTA use

Service Support Team
The Statewide System of Support is comprised of four service support teams. Within these area teams, cross-agency staff members collaborate to serve the state's eight prosperity zones, by collecting and analyzing data to identify common needs and offer customized support for school improvement by engaging in the following:
  • Analyze data to develop and implement targeted professional learning
  • Identify and develop resources for educator growth and improvement
  • Guide LEAs and Charters with effective resource allocation decisions
  • Assess and modify the quality and alignment of the services provided by the team

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