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Spring 2017 PREADY

The Educator Effectiveness Division announces the spring dates for the annual Principal Ready sessions starting early February extending through April. Each region across the state will host a session planned by our statewide Service Support Teams in collaboration with principals from each zone.

Participants are free to choose the date that best fits their schedule. It is not required to attend the session in the home region if another date is more appropriate.

This session will address Equitable Distribution of Effective Teachers, including current state-wide data trends, and explore strategies to assist school leaders to support instructional improvement at their individual schools.

Service Support Team members will facilitate area-specific break-out sessions based on regional principal feedback and data collected by service teams. These sessions will generally address some combination of the following:
  • Improving/supporting teacher evaluation
  • Recruiting, supporting, and retaining teachers
  • Improving teacher professional development
  • Supporting teacher leadership

Please use this link to register for the Spring 2017 PREADY:


Observation Calibration Training (OCT)
DPI is providing school administrators with an online platform to improve their skills as a classroom observer using the NCEES rubric. Participants will be able to watch classroom videos, observe instruction, rate teachers, and receive immediate feedback as to the recommended ratings. School administrators have the option of participating as an individual or as a LEA/Charter team. In the 2014-2015 pilot, the more Lessons school administrators completed, the more their scoring improved. For an update on this exciting professional opportunity for school administrators, please visit the Observation Calibration Training (OCT) Page or email Kimberly Simmons at


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This wiki supports North Carolina educators with the policies and practices of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES). On this wiki site you will find many resources to aid in understanding and using the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System.

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