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Feel free to use these face to face presentations to train your staff around the use of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation system. Presentations are organized from most recent to oldest.

Summer Leadership Conference- Summer 2015

Coaching Conversations for Improved Instruction

Principal READY Spring 2015

Interactive Sessions for Spring 2015 Principal READY:


Teacher Working Conditions

Universal Design for Learning

Principal READY Fall 2014

Learner Outcomes:

  • Principal READY will focus on instructional leadership of administration to support teachers. 
  • Participants will collaboratively explore curriculum tools and resources that will help their teachers improve content knowledge and instructional skills, with a focus on mathematics. 
  • Principals will collaborate with colleagues and DPI staff to support instructional capacity through a strong, consistent implementation of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System.

Coaching 21st Century School Leaders

Learner Outcomes:
  • Understand the principal/assistant principal evaluation process.
  • Explore the School Executive Standards.
  • Generate coaching conversations/questions.

North Carolina Educator Evaluation Training for New Administrators

Learner Outcomes:
  • Understand the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Process from an instructional leadership perspective.
  • Analyze the elements and descriptors of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards.
  • Connect the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards with teacher behaviors and evidences.
  • Reflect on practice and set goals for professional growth.