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Feel free to use these face to face presentations to train your staff around the use of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation system. Presentations are organized from most recent to oldest.

Fine Tuning Evaluation Ratings and Formative Coaching

April 29, 2014
The learner will:
  • connect the North Carolina School Executive Standards to teacher observation and coaching.
  • understand the formative coaching process.
  • apply the formative coaching process to a teacher observation.
  • create a coaching plan for a teacher in his/her school building.

Fostering Global Awareness - RESA Session

As we prepare students for college and career, knowledge of the world is invaluable. What are we doing to foster global awareness and global empathy in our classrooms? What responsibility do educators in North Carolina have to teach students about the world? During this session, we will share ideas for global education and examine the Final Report of the State Board of Education's Task Force on Global Education. We will also focus on the correlation between global education and the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. Participants will examine specific links to the observation rubric.

Click here to access the presentation agenda and materials.

Charter School Leadership Institute - October 2013

Learning Targets:
  • Review the new NCEES platform and new terminology
  • Review the Help Guides
  • Review how to assign rights to teachers
  • Review Professional Development Plan types and Teacher Plan Types
  • Demonstrate how to complete a Teacher Self-Assessment, Initial Professional Development Plan and a Formal Observation

The PDF file shows the new NCEES platform, how to access the Help Guides, and how to assign rights to teachers. The video demonstrates how to complete the Teacher Self-Assessment, Initial Professional Development Plan and a Formal Observation.

Complete teacher self-assessment, Initial PDP, and Formal Observation
Please allow at least 3 to 5 minutes
for video to download


OctoberCharter Schools Leadership Institute

NC Professional Teaching Standards and Evaluation Process - Sandhills Leadership Academy

August, 2013

Learning Targets:
  • Explain and apply the steps of the NC Teacher Evaluation Process
  • Articulate the responsibilities of the teacher and principal throughout the process
  • Identify and explain the components of the three types of Professional Development Plans - Individual, Monitored, and Directed
  • Distinguish between the ratings - Developing, Proficient, Accomplished, Distinguished
  • Analyze the elements within the standards of the NC Teacher Evaluation Rubric
  • Identify different attributes that distinguish between ratings
  • Write reflective questions to coach teachers and help them reflect on their practice and set goals

NCEES Fine Tuning 2013-2014

During the facilitated training, groups of observers will view a video of a classroom observation, mark descriptors observed during the observation, and document evidences to justify the marks. After the observation, participants will discuss evidences they collected, as well as why specific descriptors were marked. As a practice for continued improvement, teams of observers will use collaborative discussion to fine tune evaluation ratings. Upon building consensus on the descriptors marked during the observation, participants will collaborate to write a coaching plan for the teacher in order to help him/her grow professionally.

Central Office Staff Evaluation Process