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Please use the Completed Rubrics that correlate with the Observing Measures of Effective Teaching videos.
These guides should be used by facilitators only - do not provide the Completed Rubrics to participants during training sessions.

Best Practices for Training

  • Povide hard copies of the rubrics to all participants
  • Ask that all technology be put away, including phones.

Observing Measures of Effective Teaching Videos

  • Determining the Faces and Bases of 3D Solids
  • Using Candy as a Reward
  • Pre-Algebra and Algebraic Concepts
  • Why are Animals in Danger?
  • Using the UNRAAVEL Method to Improve Reading
  • Triangles and Quadrilaterals
  • Number Line Fractions
  • Literature Circles
  • Literature Circles - the Writing Process

Completed Rubrics