Let's experience an activity from this training.

At this point in the training, participants have completed the establishing a lens portion and discussed the top three things the observer
is planning to look for during the classroom observation.
The top 4 look-fors the group has decided on are:


Technology Use

Formative Assessment


Activity: Review Standard IV Elements D-G

Take a few moments to review the indicators for Standard IV elements D-G.

Activity: The Observation

  1. Read the scripted observation of Ms. Carter's class. Take notes as you go. Feel free to review the four elements of Standard IV above as well as our agreed upon look-fors on the chart paper. If you would like to view Ms.Carter's class wiki of the day, click here.

  2. Upon completion of your reading, click on each of the elements below to indicate which level of the evaluation Ms. Carter demonstrated in this lesson:

Please note that no teacher receives a RATING until the summative assessment. However, for the purposes of examining Inter-Rater Reliability, we will engage in a post-observation rating to serve as the catalyst for professional discourse around these elements.

Element D

Element E

Element F

Element G

.....3. Continue to the next activity on your own.

Activity: Graffiti Write on Posters

  1. After reading the scripted observation, grab a marker and make your way to each of the four posters around the room.

  2. Read the statement at the top of each poster, and add your positive observations to the + side of the poster and the deficiencies that you noted on the ∆ side of the poster.

  3. Rotate at your leisure through each poster, making sure to leave at least one comment on each poster.

Or Backup Activity: Graffiti Write on Google Shared Docs

  1. After reading the scripted observation, visit each of the four google shared docs listed below.

  2. Read the statement at the top of each document and add your positive observations to the + side of the document and the deficiencies that you noted on the ∆ side of the document.

  3. Be sure to leave at least one comment on each document.

Document 1: Standard IVd

Document 2: Standard IVe

Document 3: Standard IVf

Document 4: Standard IVg

Next Steps:

Activity: Addressing Crucial Issues - Consensus Activity

  1. Break into equal groups and move to one of the four plus/delta posters in the room.

  2. Review our look-fors and determine which apply to your element.

  3. Review the information on the poster and discuss and identify Ms. Carter's most significant strength and the most pressing issue you need to address concerning this standard as it relates to your look-fors and the element.

  4. Share your insights with other groups.

  5. As a whole group, prioritize our recommendations, and list our top two or three.

  6. Place these ideas on a clean piece of chart paper by our look-fors.

Activity: Group Ratings Consensus

  1. During this time the group will discuss the key terms that helped formulate a decision about rating Ms. Carter on each of the four elements.

  2. The group will come to consensus on the rating for each of the four elements.

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“The resources provided during the course of this NCDPI training have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing resources available, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive resources for the purposes outlined during this training."