Teacher as Researcher! Accelerate Your Instruction!

Explore the use of action research in your classroom to make real improvements to your instructional practices and meet the needs of your students

Angela Jackson, Service Support Coordinator, NCDPI

Region 1 Conference: Personalizing Learning through Technology


  • Introduction of Presenter
  • Who's in the room?
Do you have issues? I do!
  • Reflect on issues in your classroom and/or school
  • Share with your shoulder buddy
Types of Issues/Challenges
  • Poll: Types of Issues
  • Discuss results of poll
How do we normally solve our issues?
  • Discussion
What is Action Research?
  • Definitions
  • Description/Process
  • Why Action Research
Teacher as Researcher
  • What does this look like?
  • Alignment to the Teaching Standards
Tools for the Action Researcher
  • PD Portal: Action Research Modules
  • NC Teacher Action Research Portal
  • GTN Wiki
  • Action Research Network wiki
Governor's Teacher Network
  • How 250 teachers embedded action research into their classrooms
Results of Action Research
  • What did the GTN Teachers Learn through the action research process
  • PD Modules
How to Implement Action Research
  • Discuss with your shoulder partner how a classroom teacher can accomplish action research
  • Group Discussion
Implementation Options for Action Research
  • Review the Options for Implementing Action Research
  • Share and discuss the Action Research Network
North Carolina Action Research Network
  • Share how the NC Action Research Network is supporting teachers implementing action research projects in their classrooms
  • Thank you and contact information
  • Session Evaluation and Feedback
  • Action Research Resources


Action Research Network Signup for Information

Action Research: A Springboard for Instructional Improvement

Personalized Learning for Educators: Using Digital Tools to Redefine Instructional Improvement in Your Classroom & Beyond!

Committee Contact Information:

Angela Jackson
Angela Stephenson
Delores Ali
Lee Ann Segalla

  • Video "What is Action Research"
  • Purpose of Personalized Learning for Educators
  • Presenters
  • Objectives
What is Action Research
  • Definition
  • Simplified Model
  • Goals of Action Research
  • Problems of Practice
Governor's Teacher Network (GTN)
  • How GTN is connected to Action Research
  • Products Resulting from GTN
Alignment to NC Standards
  • Teacher Standards
  • Executive Standards
Action Research PD Module in Home Base
  • Access and tour the module
  • Time needed to complete
  • Types of Activities
  • Considerations for Local Implementation
  • Professional Learning Communities
GTN Teacher Implementation
  • Two GTN Teachers will share their stories of implementation
    • Challenges
    • Rewards
Searchable Index of Action Research Projects
  • Four Stations are available to use/review on laptops
Activity: Table Talk
  • Discuss implementation at your table
    • Your Champions
    • Connect to Existing Structures
    • Barriers
Next Steps
  • What will you do when you return to your site